Tuesday 23 February 2010

Facebook Application Statistics

According to a new report from Nielsen, Facebook was the top destination for Cable TV viewers who turned to the web to view the opening ceremonies of this year’s Winter Olympics. According to the report, 13 percent of the Cable TV audience who watched the Olympic opening ceremonies, also simultaneously watched them on the Internet.

Out of these viewers, an overwhelming 41 percent preferred to use Facebook, spending 16.1 minutes on the site. Google and Yahoo were the second and third most visited sites among web surfing Olympic viewers, winning 37.8 percent and 35.4 percent of the simultaneous viewers, respectively. However, when it came to the time spent, Google and Yahoo trailed Facebook by a wide margin with users spending an average of 3 minutes on Google and 6.9 minutes on Yahoo. (It’s important to note that Google measures their success in terms of reducing the time you spend on their site.)

Source:Facebook Application Statistics

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