Sunday 15 August 2010

How To Monetize Your Blog

Some people blog for the pure pleasure of blogging about
something they are passionate about.  Some people blog with
the goal of making money.  There are a number of ways you
can monetize your blog.  You can choose one or more of them
depending on which is the most appropriate for you blog's
topic and your blog's followers.

Making Money with Affiliate Arrangements
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Depending on the topics of your blog you may be able to make
money through affiliate relationships.  If your blog is on a
topic that relates directly to products you can almost
assuredly make money by placing affiliates' ads on your

For example, if you have a blog about accessories you can
sign-up for affiliate programs from retailers of
accessories.  You can place affiliate ads on your blog as
well as add affiliate links in your actual blog postings.

The affiliate relationships may even drive some of your
content.  If you can earn money by mentioning a new product
or service on your blog and provide a link (with the
affiliate tracking code) to a retailer offering the product
you can earn a percentage of the sale.

You can also contact retailers directly and request that
they offer your readers a coupon code.  The coupon code
would give your readers a discount and earn you a commission
for every sale.  This way both you and your readers benefit
from the affiliate arrangement.

PPC Ads on Your Blog

You can add Google, Yahoo and Bing ads to your blog as well.
 You will earn some money every time someone clicks on the
link from your blog.  If you are going to do this it is
important that you use ad filters so you can make sure that
the ads that appear on your blog are appropriate for your
target market.

You do not want ads for the sake of having ads.  You want
ads which are relevant to your target market.  The more
relevant the ads are the more likely the ads will be clicked
on by your readers.

A high-traffic blog can make considerable money through PPC
ads though perhaps not as much as if done through the right
affiliate relationships.

The bottom line is you can monetize your site with affiliate
relationships and PPC ads.  If you are taking the time to
write compelling content you should reap the rewards of your
effort.  Go ahead and monetize your blog in one or both ways.

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