Monday 20 January 2014

Connected Society is live

In May 2014, Big Data Week will launch the third edition of the festival with a narrative that will bring together the many strands and domains of data into an umbrella theme: ‘The Connected Society’.

Data connects people and society. It’s the backbone of our economies, smarter cities and healthier and better informed citizens. It can help shape our future with the emergence of home based 3d printers and “Adreno” robot things we have the ability to create our own devices that can talk to a network and create data, interacting with other devices around us and thus creating a data economy around the quantified self but also driving the Internet of things into mainstream, with this in mind we are about to enter a era of “Data Explosion” outside of marketing and business use cases, but the ability to have true smart cities exists with public interaction through data.
Big Data Week will explore three themes across a week of events in 40 cities discovering and sharing new ideas and technologies that will shape our future in 2014 and beyond with a mixture of workshops, discussions and examining real world use cases across three continents.

Internet of Things
We’ll explore the Internet of Things (IoT) a trend that is part of a ubiquitous computing revolution. So much so, that Gartner predict a future of some 26 billion units will be connected to the internet by 2020.
Smart Cities
Smarter cities, make for happier citizens. With a combination of sensors, central data and citizen sourced data we can build a smarter cities. At bdw14 we’ll exploring how data is being used to make our cities easier to navigate and live in..
Quantitive Self
Join the life logging revolution at #bdw14 and understand how wearable sensors will expand in 2014 that will drive data acquisition strategy focused on many aspects of an individual’s daily life activities including location, movement, mood and happiness.
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