Thursday 22 May 2014

Sports Hackdays: Ready, Steady, Go!

Sport is fun, sport is healthy, sport is a business – and sport is data, too. Scores and and times, athletic performance over time, passes played from A to B in real time, your own bicycle rides: there is more and more data for more and more of sports, and more is becoming open data, too!
It therefore is time to kick off the first International Sports Hackdays: two days of data wrangling, visualizing games and working on apps that matter to fans and athletes alike, to improve, to have fun, and to win.
Taking place on 23-24 May as a global event, the hackdays will be headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, with local nodes being planned all over Europe.
Right now we are collecting open data, we are negotiating with international sports organizations (so many of them are in Switzerland!), we are assembling teams of developers, designers, journalists and athletes, and we’re convinced this is going to be a huge win for everybody!
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