Monday 28 July 2014

Sentiment: Do we really know what people mean when they tweet?

Diana Maynard (Research Fellow, Sheffield University): "Do we really know what people mean when they tweet?" Dr. Diana Maynard has been a Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield, UK since February 2000. Her main interests are in information extraction, opinion mining, sarcasm detection, social media analysis, terminology and semantic web technologes. She is the chief developer of the linguistic tools in GATE, currently leads the work on Information Extraction and Opinion Mining on the EU Decarbonet project. She is co-chair of the annual GATE training course, and leads the GATE consultancy on IE and opinion mining. She publishes widely and has given many invited talks, including a tutorial at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in 2012 and a keynote talk at the Brazilian Conference on Intelligent Systems in 2013.

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