Monday 10 May 2010

Numbers Sell More Art

Cory Huff is an actor, director, and blogger. He teaches artists why selling art online isn’t all that scary  wrote about how artists need to not be afraid of numbers, and how easy it is to start looking at your website data and learning from it.

In college I took Calculus for Non-Science Majors. It just about killed me. I was in the math lab every day begging the graduate students for help. Advanced math befuddled me. I sat through class thinking, “When am I ever going to use this?” As I started getting into internet marketing, however, I learned that numbers do have real value.
It all started with Google Analytics. My very first website was running for some time before someone told me, “You really need to stop using a hit counter on your site. That’s just tacky.” I installed Google Analytics on my site and voila! Suddenly (like, over the course of a year) I was a data wizard. I knew how many people were visiting my site. I knew how they got there, how much time they spent, and what they clicked on. Numbers suddenly became very interesting to me, because the numbers told me how to make money.

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